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Five Essential Elements of A Great Lead-Capture Form

Without a doubt the most critical element on every landing page is the lead-capture form. Lead capture forms can work like a gold mine for your company because they are completed by potential clients who are so interested in your goods or services that they want you to get back in touch with them directly to find out more.


in Conversion Optimization
10 Steps To Creating A Better Call To Action

They also provide a means for you to measure how well your site is succeeding in getting its message across and drumming up business. But why do some sites experience a lot more user take up than others? Here are 10 easy steps that show you how to tweak your calls to action into being instantly more effective.


Online Marketing For Mortgage Brokers - Keynote Address

The Summit brought together mortgage professionals, solution providers and lenders who participated in 20 sessions with 40 expert speakers and viewed more than 45 exhibits with the aim of gaining educational and tactical insights into increasing their mortgage business. 

Wisdek’s Director of Sales, Ryan Judd and Online Marketing Strategist, Mark Reeves, were the final keynote speakers in a presentation aimed at bringing mortgage brokers up to date with the latest Google Updates, SEO and Google Advertising.



by Marti Colley & Courtney Dale
in Organic Listings
How To Tell Great Marketing Stories For Your Brand

As marketers we are soon going to have to rise to the challenge of adapting our advertising messages to allow viewers to participate in what they are seeing and hearing. Our online audiences will soon no longer be willing to be passive observers but will want the illusion of being involved in the creation of what they are experiencing. It is important not to sit on the back burner because interactive video is undoubtedly the medium of the future, particularly for products aimed at the younger generations.


in Video Marketing
4 Marketing Strategies That Still Work Online

With so many changes to Google's preferences there has been a lot of worry about what will work to bring traffic and what won't. Read 4 successful items that will enhance your online marketing.


in Content Marketing
How to build your brand and market locally in the same campaign

8 Steps to a double whammy - implementing a successful Local Marketing Campaign and Enhancing your Brand simultaneously.


in Content Marketing
Why Every Small Business Needs To Focus On Quality Content Over Quantity

Not only are there more platforms waiting to market your service or product (think Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Slideshare, LinkedIn etc) but there are also hundreds of analytical software applications that reveal how well your ad campaign is doing and provide hard numbers detailing who is reading your ads, where from, and for how long, etc…. It’s as if marketing has suddenly transformed into a quantifiable science from the hit and miss, creative, artsy kind of job that it was before.

But despite this apparent renaissance in marketing’s capabilities, marketers overall, do not seem happy.


in Content Marketing
How Does SEO Stack-up Against Different Marketing Channels?

Advertising channel selection can vary dramatically between big and small businesses. Big businesses have an abundance of resources and can afford expenditures on traditional media. However, our research suggests that one shouldn’t neglect online advertising and SEO just because they can afford traditional TV ads, print and billboards. 


by Nadine Arous
How to Recover from Duplicate Content

Wisdek Reviews what it takes to recover from Duplicate Content


by Malcolm
in Content Marketing
  • So Powerful - We Want More! Our Firearm Safety Training business did not exist before we started working with Business Media and Wisdek. Business Media built us a beautiful SEO-Ready website from scratch that is now pulling...
    Tony and Bruna Cooper, Owners ,
  • Google Penalty Removed In 1 Month!  Northgate Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre in Calgary has used Web based advertising and marketing since 2004.  As a result of continual investment and effort, our...
    Malcolm Macdonald, Business Manager , Northgate Chiropractic & Massage Therapy Centre in Calgary
  • Over 1 Million Customers! We've worked with Wisdek right from the beginning to develop and launch our SEO equipped website. We've grown tremendously on account of their SEO and funnel optimization services. Thanks...
    Ron Daniel, Founder and CEO ,
  • Wisdek Exceeded My Expectations! My experiences with Wisdek SEO has exceeded my expectations with the impressive scope of the program. Like many business owners, we find it difficult to stay on top of many of the changes...
    Jack Stuart, Manager – Needle-Leaf WEDGE,
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