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Emergence & Why the Power of Groups Shape SEM

May. 07, 2013

Wisdek reviews the science of Emergence. To understand Emergence, we first must understand the concept of Eugenics and evolution. To do so, the following paragraphs will consider Sir Francis Galton and his contributions to the school of thought that sparked the idea for a business that continues to change the world: Google.

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Why SEO Will Maximize Advertising Revenue for your Growing Business

May. 06, 2013

Advertising through traditional mediums may be seen as a comfortable means to achieving what you think is your business` maximum potential. In reality, digital advertising is growing and large corporations have yet to tap into the infinite potential that online marketing can offer to make revenue soar. As technology continuously transforms all forms of marketing and advertising, brands are constantly attempting to discover the ideal marketing mix that will translate into an optimal return on marketing investment. Not surprisingly, smaller businesses are more likely to advertise online than traditional methods - but is big business missing out?

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Sign, Sign, Everywhere a Sign!

May. 05, 2013

QR codes can be very effective for businesses seeking alternatives to traditional marketing practices and can be used in a variety of ways

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How to Recover from Duplicate Content

Apr. 25, 2013

Duplicate Content affects millions of websites. Businesses have come to rely on web traffic to make ends meet and sustain their checks and balances. Wisdek Reviews the impact of duplicate content in an infographic and describes how to fix the problem if it happens to you!

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Wisdek Reviews the Benefits of Google`s Self-Driving Car Program

Apr. 15, 2013

Google Inc. is working to perfect its newest technology: the self - driving car. The technology is set to avert 99% of car accident related deaths across the world.

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Customers Gain Confidence & Convenience with Google Business Photos

Apr. 01, 2013

Many consumers are still uneasy when it comes to online shopping. This may be the result of negative past experiences, or a general distrust in the online community as a whole. Businesses that take advantage of Google Business Photos will give on-line shoppers a sense of security and will ease consumers` worry.

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Introducing Google AdWords New Enhanced Campaigns

Mar. 27, 2013

Find out why you need Google AdWords new enhanced campaigns for your business. Target your PPC ads by smartphones, tablets and desktops while adjusting your message for each. The online buying cycle is changing.

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Wisdek Scam Researchers identify the Bad Guys in the Social Media World

Mar. 23, 2013

Social Media Scammers try to sell you pages with established fans and likes, but don`t be fooled. Wisdek Scam Experts reveal why those extra connections won`t do you any good, and what you can do instead to help your Business succeed in Social Media.

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Wisdek Reviews Google Advertising and the Changing Landscape of E-Commerce

Mar. 19, 2013

Google: From Garage-Biz Hopefuls to Global Documentation; how an algorithm changed the world of e-commerce and business online. Learn why you need to get your business up to speed with Google Business Photos and more.

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Fetch as Googlebot Tool Could Save You from the latest Panda Update

Mar. 15, 2013

Google`s black and white furry animals are sparking a lot of attention in the blogging universe. Yes, we are talking about Google`s very own pets, the Google Panda and Google Penguin. The things they have done over the past few months have forced people to talk about "black and white" on a whole new level.

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