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PPC Management

Tired of wasting hours on managing your pay per click Google Adwords campaigns?
We will manage them for you: from keyword list creation to bid management and ad copy.

Use our experience in Pay Per Click
campaign development: benefit instantly from
profit-driven ad campaign optimization.

By taking over and optimizing your AdWords campaigns we will bring you more business and reduce costs.

  • No hidden Fees

  • No Long Term Commitments

Fill the form at the bottom and let us review your Adwords campaign: most advertisers spend at least 50% more on pay per click than they should by not organizing their campaigns properly and not optimizing them.

Dear business owner,
would you like to:

  • Increase return on your pay per click campaigns?
  • Cut cost per click - but get more traffic?
  • Get more e-mails and calls from your website?
  • Reduce bounce rate, increase leads and sales?
  • Improve quality score and conversion rates?
  • Know which keywords and ads bring you business
    and which ones just drain your budget?
  • Track performance and easily identify strong and weak points of your campaigns?

If your answer is "Yes" to any of these questions, we should talk!
Fill out the form above to get a free PPC campaign evaluation and to learn what we can do for your business.

Cost-Effective PPC Management:

We have specialized in the building and Optimization of complex pay per click campaigns since Yahoo (formerly Overture) introduced pay per click advertising to the general public in 2001. Since then, we have launched and managed thousands of campaigns for our customers.

We will manage your PPC campaigns and provide you with detailed and easy-to-understand performance reports to track the progress. We deliver results, because we focus on profitability of your campaigns!

90% of PPC Advertisers Fail with PPC Because of:

  • Poor keyword selection strategy
  • Wrong/non-converting ad copy
  • Bad keyword grouping
  • Non-converting landing pages
  • Lack of relevance between keywords, ads and website
  • Under- or over-budgeted campaigns
  • Wrong bidding strategy and bidding war participation
  • Unmanaged or completely neglected campaigns
  • Poor quality scores...

How PPC Management Works:

  • 1 Specify ad campaign goals and areas of business you would like us to concentrate on
  • 2Let us review and analyze your current campaign (if you currently run any ppc campaigns)
  • 3 Our PPC management experts will research your industry and your competitors
  • 4 We will develop new, targeted list of keywords (sometimes up to tens of thousands of keywords)
  • 5 We group the keywords, write matching ads and finally launch brand-new ppc campaign based on your input and competitive analysis and research.
  • 6 We will constantly tweak and adjust your ppc campaign, test keywords and ads to achieve maximum profitability and traffic at the lowest cost.
  • 7 We also research and implement "negative keywords" to reduce bounce rate and get rid of keyword combinations that drain your budget and don't bring any business.

Example: would it make sense to advertise under "FREE windshield replacement" if you charge for this service? Of course not! But try searching this keyphrase on Google and you will see that most advertisers did not put "free" as "negative" keyword in their campaigns and pay for obscure and non-relevant clicks every single day! "Free" is the most obvious negative keyword, but in every campaign we research and implement HUNDREDS of negative keyword combinations to increase CTR, Quality Score and reduce cost per conversion.

Important note: Success of pay-per-click campaign is a combination of two major factors: keywords you bid on and... your website. Unfortunately, most PPC advertisers do not pay enough attention to the second component: more than 80% of advertisers don't realize that by tweaking the website they can increase leads or calls by as much as 100%-300%!

Luckily for Wisdek clients, each PPC management campaign comes with free consultation on website improvement to help you get even more out of your advertising.

Want to know more? Contact us today we will evaluate your campaigns and provide you with valuable insights on your website Optimization to achieve maximum returns for your business.

FREE Website Performance Review

Could your website be bringing you more sales more often?
Are there "behind-the-scenes" components on your site that are holding you back
from getting more traffic?
Fill out this form and our specialist will contact you within one business day.
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Receive a Five Point Evaluation:
  • 1Internal/External Website Problems
  • 2Online Markets: Current Positioning
  • 3Competitive Analysis
  • 4Conversions: Visitors to Sales
  • 5Areas for Improvement

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SEO Services: Essential Components

On-Site SEO

Full Website SEO Optimisation

"SEO Optimisation" of your website up to latest standards of 2010: code Optimisation, XML sitemaps, navigation & more: 1st step in proper website Optimisation.

Search Engine Submission

Indexation your website in Search Engines

(Manual) website submissionto relevant search engines, social bookmarking portals, directories, etc. Gets your website indexed - fast. Solid base for all future SEO work.

Link Building (monthly)

1-way Inbound Links

Link building for your website:
#1 factor in your SEO success.
Incoming links from related websites play major role in your SEO ranking. Ensures fast (and stable) improvement.

Articles & Blogs (monthly)

Custom Blog & Article Writing & Submission

More relevancy, more links:
Beat your competition into the ground! Content development = creation and posting custom articles and blog posts on your behalf to get more link juice.

Map Listings
(top of Google)

Optimisation of Google, BING & Yahoo Maps

Get on top of Google with map & phone number - dominate Google Maps, "local searches"and GOOG-411 results. Get listed on cell phones, GPS devices and Google-based computers!

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