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Search Engine Optimization

Never Stop Growing
Your Traffic

Never Stop Growing
Your Traffic

Increase traffic from more keyphrases every month for the same budget
Generate traffic from multiple sources, not just search engines!
Clicks are free and unlimited
SEO helps your business succeed online by generating a sustainable source of traffic, leads and sales from search engines, blogs, and social media. It builds your online presence by expanding and connecting your website with highly targeted words and phrases that your customer base will use to find you.

Our Custom Solution is the most versatile and should be considered if you've used SEO in the past, or are in a highly competitive industry. Our Packages offer attractive pricing, and a set of pre-selected services that are proven to work for small to midsize businesses with low to mid-level competition.

Wisdek SEO provides growing coverage
Create new revenue streams for your business every month! (Get found for an ever-expanding list of keyphrases with broad match technology.)
Grow your reach & traffic continuously - without ever increasing your budget.

Extend your coverage to all points in the buying cycle
Present your business to prospects as they research, compare, make purchasing decisions and post reviews.
Be found in all the right places!

SEO is the foundation for all other online marketing:
It can improve your relevancy score on Google
It can lower your cost per click on PPC ad campaigns!
It strengthens your local business listings to bring more walk-in traffic.
Drives traffic to your website from all search engines.

Over 1 Million Customers for Planet Soho!

"Eran and the Wisdek team had built our initial bridges for success with a top of the line SEO and funnel optimization service, they enabled us to take our first steps into the market in a safe, quick and inexpensive way. We have worked with Wisdek and taken advantage of almost every service they offer. Today we have over 1 million clients that are getting organized, getting promoted and getting paid using our application."
Ron Daniel, Founder and CEO

Why Wisdek SEO Works

Return On Investment (ROI)

Our competitors who even come close to matching our results will charge (on average) 6 times more! We are able to offer more competitive pricing because our large infrastructure and operational efficiencies allow us to be more cost effective. Of course, we gladly pass those savings along to you!


Our customer service is always available to answer your call and any questions you may have. Also, all of our account reps are local, and easy to talk to.


ALL work and progress is visible to you through the detailed reporting we provide.
We have helped tens of thousands of businesses get ahead of their competition online, and maintained their strong positions. Can your current SEO provider say the same?
We offer a 100% White Hat solution. We have been analyzing Google's evaluation patterns for well over a decade and know that their guiding principle is to provide users with the highest quality search results possible. We place a major emphasis on this in our own strategies, which is why our clients stay ahead of the curve - even during major Google updates like Panda and Penguin.
Wondering which of our solutions will work for your business?
Call us at 1.877.947.3351 or fill out the form below.

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SEO Services: Essential Components

On-Site SEO

Full Website SEO Optimisation

"SEO Optimisation" of your website up to latest standards of 2010: code Optimisation, XML sitemaps, navigation & more: 1st step in proper website Optimisation.

Search Engine Submission

Indexation your website in Search Engines

(Manual) website submissionto relevant search engines, social bookmarking portals, directories, etc. Gets your website indexed - fast. Solid base for all future SEO work.

Link Building (monthly)

1-way Inbound Links

Link building for your website:
#1 factor in your SEO success.
Incoming links from related websites play major role in your SEO ranking. Ensures fast (and stable) improvement.

Articles & Blogs (monthly)

Custom Blog & Article Writing & Submission

More relevancy, more links:
Beat your competition into the ground! Content development = creation and posting custom articles and blog posts on your behalf to get more link juice.

Map Listings
(top of Google)

Optimisation of Google, BING & Yahoo Maps

Get on top of Google with map & phone number - dominate Google Maps, "local searches"and GOOG-411 results. Get listed on cell phones, GPS devices and Google-based computers!

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